We are a community-run skills sharing group based in Edmonton. It’s a way to find the hidden talents among us, connect people together, and learn skills that can make life better and more beautiful. The magic works like this:

  • The Free School is a way to share our skills and learn from each other. If there’s something you want to learn, you should check it out.
  • That sounds cool, I’ll come. Who teaches?
  • We teach each other. What about you, would could you teach?

And then we’re hooked. Biology students who also cook with bugs. Construction workers who crochet. Secret kombucha masters, stewards of sourdough starters… this is what makes Edmonton great. (Hint: we all do!)

The Free School has been active since early 2016 uncovering skills one wonderful human at a time. We have hosted many workshops including Weaving, Ginger Beer, Kimchi, Welding, Grass Basketry, Clay Plastering, Welding, Salve Making, Rugs From Scrap, Tae Kwon Do, Co-owning Property, Cree Beading & Intergenerational Resilience, Crochet, Willow Basketry, Making Bread, Yurt Building, Mind Body Movement, Cooking With Bugs, Artistic Frames, Wonder of Wetlands, Nature Walk, Vermiculture

What do you enjoy doing? Please share that skill with us – most of our teachers have never taught before and we all have a great time.

Our workshops take place in various locations around Edmonton – mostly people offering space in their homes. Would you like to be on our list?

The Free School does not charge for lessons, only occasionally requesting donations to cover materials (we try to keep this cost under $10). If you would like to donate via payal, here we do incur costs for promotional materials, sometimes renting spaces, boosting posts on facebook, etc

What makes a great workshop?

  • Something we can learn a basic version of in 2-10 hours
  • Something with materials that are easy to make, find or borrow
  • Something you find useful, beautiful, or fun
  • Often, something that is tricky or expensive to learn elsewhere

rvfs-logo-full-textCurrent Stewards:

Jess, Heather, Moni and Nicole


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Contact us at freeschoolteam@gmail.com to get involved, and see what we need here

#rivervalleyfreeschool on instagram or find us on facebook River Valley Free School